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Virtual arena is a decentralized live streaming application or platform with the application of block chain aiming at solving the current problems in the streaming industry.
Virtual reality is the video graphical representation with the combination of live experience of what a user visualizes. Virtual arena is a platform, which show cases the content in a 2 dimensional version. In the later stages of application development, virtual arena would also be incorporated with virtual reality. Terms and condition apply.
Yes we do have a referral bounty campaign. For more details please refer to our bounty page rules.
Virtual arena is trying to bridge the gap between users and content providers benefiting both the entities of the eco system by eliminating the centralized elements which creates monopolization and low bandwidth problems.
Virtual arena does allow to buy any number of coins which are available for the sale.
Minimum of 1 eth as per the guide lines.
Participate more in the bounty programs and use the fullest of the application.
To earn tokens from the platform the entity should have a minimum number of tokens already. Based on the work done or by the basis of proof of work the tokens would be allocated. The more the tokens the more the revenue.
On the exchanges listed on the site. But VA has a possibility to retain the token in the ecosystem itself.
All the major crypto currencies and fiat including VA tokens.
Only the user has the access to his or her personal details. The portals are highly secured and no data can be breached.
The application of block chain and the security standards are so very powerful that the breach is next to impossible.